The Virgin Diet Quick Start Guide – Your GIFT today!

You may have heard the buzz this week about JJ Virgin’s new book, “The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days.”

People are really excited about it because it’s not the usual diet and exercise advice you’ve heard a million times.
It’s based on a completely different paradigm that blows away the old myths about what causes weight gain, fatigue and poor health.

JJ Virgin | The Virgin Diet Book

In the book, JJ explains how food intolerance wreaks havoc on our bodies, disrupting critical systems and damaging tissues. This ultimately causes a whole host of nasty symptoms, including stubborn weight gain, exhaustion, skin eruptions, headaches, joint pain and more.

JJ’s goal is to help a million people lose weight and keep it off and a few days ago she was giving away a limited number of copies to help kick things off. She tells me that those copies are gone now, but she wants to GIVE YOU something super cool that is not available anywhere else: her “Quick Start Guide”. It’s essentially the Cliff Notes guide to Cycle 1 of The Virgin Diet plan.

I’ve seen the guide and it’s awesome – very practical and useful. It includes shopping lists, recipes, food charts, JJ’s “magic plate”, her golden rules of meal timing, a journal page you can print out and use to track your progress daily, and much more. You’ll love it.

To claim your FREE Quick Start Guide – Click Here!

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