Google Plus Updates Cover Photo Size and more…


Google+ Profile and Page Updates


The first thing you will notice when you go to your Google+ page is that your will see a Change Cover notification and a View As option.

Google Plus Cover

The new dimensions for the Google+ Cover Photo are up to 2120px by 1192px, a 16:9 ratio.  If you take your current Cover Photo and multiply the size by 2.25 you will now have the correct size for the new Cover Photo.


Next you will see a new Tab for Reviews.

Google Plus Reviews tab

These are where you will find the reviews you have created, making it easier for you to share them, and for you to find reviews near where others are and what they like about the establishment(s).


Your About page has been simplified to allow making changes easier.

Google Plus About page

Your Google+ About page now has separate blocks for each category with a ‘Edit’ button for each.  Each category can be set to Public, Private or select certain categories.


You are now able to add a lot more information about what you do, how long, a complete description and then select who may see the information for each separate entry.

Google Plus About Work category


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