Great Headlines Will Make Or Break Your Blogs

You want people to read your blogs and articles view your videos or attend your online training seminars?

Then you need to “learn” how to write great copy, great headlines.How to write great copy

Some think that this comes naturally to some people, that they are naturally gifted writers, they know how to write, well some folks are great writers, but they too need to learn how to write great copy, that is why they have editors, have people read and reread their work, all to make the copy read better, flow and keep the readers attention.

So, how do we become a great writer of headlines, articles, blogs, that will attract readers and keep them reading?

You want to write copy for your niche, your target market. I am guessing here that you know who your target market is, and that you do not want to waste your time writing to people that do not want to or like to read about what you are going to be sharing. Focusing on that niche is one of the keys to successfully gaining readership and then keeping it.

Only 2 out of 10 people who read your headline will ever read your article, so if you are only going to get 20% readership, why don’t you make it 20% of those that want to read what you are writing….

If you are writing for Mothers with new born babies then focus your headline on something you know that they will be interested in. The same goes for whatever your niche, direct it at who you want to read your article. Write to your niche!

I have heard a lot of people say that my niche is ‘internet marketers’ and I try to explain that that is not a ‘niche’, that is a category, a niche would be ‘internet marketers that want to write great headlines’. Millions write, and to their detriment, focus on the keywords like ‘internet marketers’, your odds of getting found are about 1 in a couple million. But if you are focusing on the niche ‘internet marketers how to write great headlines’ you will reach more of the people who are interested in that particular area of marketing.

Take the time, invest the effort, in learning what segment of the market you want to reach, then in each article, or series of articles, focus on that niche

If you are not yet familiar with the terms keywords, and keyword phrases, this is an area that you will, also, need to learn about. Keywords are basically words, or groups of words, that appear, statistically, more often in an article than would normally be expected. Search engines when indexing a website will look for keywords to know what the focus of the article is, so a proper preponderance of keywords is positive, at the same time ‘overloading’ an article with keywords looks like spamming to a search engine. Look for a proper mix, no more than 2% of your article should have your keywords mentioned. In his book, Jeff Bullas, one of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers, describes best practices for keyword usage in blogs, see Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media

Now the question is ‘do I use keyword(s) in my headline’?  There are two schools of thought on this, the Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) believe it to be vital in getting ranked in the search engines.  Whereas the purists believe that if you are looking for readers to open your blog to read it you need to use the words that will grab the readers attention.  So both scenarios are winners, it then comes down to is the content original.  You can spend a 1000 hours looking for the best possible keywords, but if the article is not original, it will make no difference.

I have given you food for thought on your writing your blogs and articles, and the importance of a great headline, now keep on learning…

The number of resources online have every thing you need to learn how, our friends at is a great place to start, they offer a step-by-step guide to Magnetic headlines. They will provide you with a lot of great ideas and formulas that have worked for many and will work for you.  Then check out Modern Life, you will notice many similarities, but that should only go to show you that the principles are proven, they work for successful writers and will work for you as well.

Our friends on Amazon, have some great books from some folks that have been there, know what has worked, and want to share what they have learned with you…
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Invest the time to learn how to write great headlines, learn from great writers and then learn how to use what you have learned for you to write great headlines for your articles and blogs. This will take time and effort, but the dividends that you will receive are well worth it.

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