What Does Football and Online Marketing Have in Common?

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What Does Football and Online Marketing Have in Common?

You Need A Game Plan To Build A Team
You are the coach of a football team, you walk out on to the football field, there are 200 hundred players there ready for tryouts, what do you tell them?

You know you have to tell them something, if nothing else you tell them to start running, and then the last 45 standing are your team, right? At least you know they will have stamina, but will that make a winning team?

Note: For those of you who do not know, 45 players is all a football coach is allowed to bring out onto a field on game day.

Unfortunately, with this method, that Quarterback that can hit a receiver on the numbers at 60 yards crashed after 3 hours of running, and that Left Tackle that’s built like a bull and can stop the opposing team’s players like a brick wall dropped at 2 1/2 hours.

So you have your 45 players (the one’s with stamina), now the question is which one will play which position, so you ask them, the first one that speaks up says “I want to try to be a quarterback!”

Ever heard that one before, you get this new online marketer that says to you, hey I want to try this?! You get pretty excited right, you have someone that wants to try this online marketing thing. What do you think the odds of this person, this ‘tryer’, going to be successful in online marketing are?

Football play schematic bootleg bootrightWhat football and online marketing have in common are they both need a Game Plan, a Campaign for success. Note, that not one or two people have a direction in your game plan, but everyone on the team has a direction, everyone knows what they are going to be doing.  Your game plan will be the same, it will encompass all aspects of building your business.

Now you say that, hey, I’m just getting started, I don’t have a team yet, what kind of game plan should I have?

The first thing you should do, the very first thing you should do…

Find the most successful internet marketer you can find, one with proven success, one that people hire to do seminars and presentations to teach others how to build an online business, one’s that are teaching Fortune 500 companies to build their online marketing plans. This person, or one of this person’s coaches will help you, they will build with you a game plan, a campaign.

As you grow, you will add more coaches, more mentors, even coaches have coaches, they have a defensive line coach, offensive line coach, etc.  You will add coaches, but you have to start somewhere, start by finding one you like, you trust, you are comfortable with, and importantly, in the niche that you are passionate about.  Your coach will help you find the other coaches that will be the best in their field, hey, your coach is most likely working with and learning from that coach they are recommending, and they should know who is great at what they do.

If you are a reader of Think and Grow Rich, you have read about the Mastermind Group, this is what you will be building.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself, but, then again, read this book!  Again!

What is one of the biggest mistakes new online marketers make?

You talk to somebody, you see a great ad (surprise), you love fitness or think a new to motivate people is cool, or any number of things, so you sign up.  Great right!

But, then you wonder how to sell this thing online, I mean it’s great, everybody needs it, all I have to do is tell people about it, any way I can, right?

You, and a few thousand other people, that got excited about something and are telling EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY, over and over and over again.

So, do you think this is going to work, think you are going to wear people down enough so that you will be the one they decide to join with?

Now, you are going to hear that 10,000, 15,000 or even 20,000 joined that opportunity in the last 3 days, so you figure – Wow, it must be working, right?

Want to know who it is working for?  It’s working for the folks that put the opportunity together, their buddies (the one’s with a couple 100 thousand people on their email lists) and a lucky few that the ‘buddies’ want to help get successful so they can write more ads that say – Hey, this guy lived in a van, had no money, but made a million dollars in his first ninety days!

Are You Counting On Luck?Are you lucky enough to be one of those few?  Not likely.

So, what you need is a marketing plan, a campaign, to build your email list, to then share your knowledge or the knowledge of your upline, mentor or coach (until you invest the time to get the knowledge yourself) and teach others what you are diligently learning.

That football coach we talked about, he (or she, of course) probably played football for years, then coached little league, then high school or maybe college ball, then on to the bigs.  We are talking years of learning, years of experience, years of listening to their coaches, reading the stories, plays, and plans of the successful coaches…  All that goes in to becoming successful!

So, how do you get that knowledge, and get it quickly, ’cause you got in to this online business to start making money, you have bills to pay, you want to retire (successfully), you have a mortgage, kid’s need braces, you have medical bills and car payments…?

I can not tell you this enough times…  Find yourself a coach, a mentor, someone that will take the time to help you build your Game Plan for success.

The quickest way to failure is to do it your way.

The quickest way to success is to listen, learn, talk to, share with, and do what your coach, mentor, upline (or whatever title they may go by), tells you to do, when they tell you to do it, and doing it in the way they have told you to do it.

That coach has been through what you will be going through, they are building a business and staying on top of the industry, they need you as much as you need them, but they only need you if you follow what they are teaching you.  If you don’t, then don’t expect them to invest time in you, they will move on to those that are listening, following the game plan, ’cause they are the one that will be making money, being successful, becoming part of a mastermind group.

Your mission, shall you decide to accept it, is to go forth, find your coach, build your game plan, and then walk on the beaches of the world!


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